waste materials recycled from 1641 tonnes produced at Tameside EMI

"Through innovation and good practice we can help to build a sustainable future."
Andy Wertlyo, Project Manager, Met-Excel


committed to recycling and offsetting our carbon footprint

"A great deal of effort put in to help us achieve our recycling targets."
Gerry Boylan, Balfour Beatty

The Environment

Met-Excel is an ISO14001 accredited company, our aim is to work towards Carbon Neutrality and as such, have offset our carbon emissions for the year 2007 - 2008 with carbon passport. It is our intention to match this offset year on year to ensure that we do not leave a carbon footprint.

Met-Excel has recently trialled a mechanical board chipper which allowed for up to 60% more plasterboard waste per bin. The system can be used with both skips and bin wagon removal which in turn can then be sent to be recycled. All three major plasterboard manufacturers are currently running recycling schemes.

Waste can be reduced during the design process, Met-Excel can be involved at this stage to help contractors to cut down on waste thus saving the environmental impact, cost and time on any future projects.

It is our aim to constantly improve our environmental record through innovation and good practice; we also feel that through workforce training and inclusion we will encourage better awareness and practices which can be carried forward to home life.

Met-Excel is committed to car pooling and, where possible, provides minibuses to get our workforce to site.

Met-Excel actively encourage recycling and are committed to providing recycle bins on sites where they are not already provided.